Who am I and how can I help you?


Hi there, rock star! I’m Christina Canters, founder of The C Method. I am obsessed with helping people communicate effectively. In my experience, I have found that many high performing professionals are technically good at what they do – but they lack the social, emotional and communication skills required to accelerate their careers and fulfil their potential.
I am on a mission to help you close this gap – and achieve the recognition and success you deserve. Whether you want to become a more powerful public speaker, have more influence within your organisation, gain more confidence in your leadership capabilities, build your professional presence or take your career to the next level, our resources and programs are designed to get you there.


3 Ways I Can Help You:

About Christina Canters


I’m a keynote speaker, communication skills specialist, and host of the top-ranked business communication podcast Stand Out Get Noticed (now at 2 million+ downloads!).

I come from a technical architecture background. As a student, I was terrified of public speaking.

In Architecture school, we were required to present our work frequently. Many of us would show up sleep-deprived and underprepared. Our work would often be criticised (harshly) by our tutors – in front of the whole class.

I got incredibly anxious before these presentations – to the point where my hands shook, my stomach turned in knots, and I broke down post-presentation in tears. Finally, I decided enough was enough, and I became determined to learn everything I could about overcoming my fear.

I developed an obsessive interest in public speaking and communication as a skill. Not only did my new skills serve me at university, they helped me thrive in the corporate world. During my time as a practicing architect, I saw how important it was to speak up, present effectively and communicate well in the professional environment.

In 2014 I left my job to help other professionals build their own confidence with speaking, and I’ve never looked back!
If there is anything I can do to help you, your team or organisation, drop me a line. I am always happy to have a chat!

Here are the best ways to connect with me:

“I’m so grateful to Christina and her coaching program. Taking part in the program helped me set a clear goal for where I’m headed in my career, as well as giving me the communication tools to help realise that goal.

During the course I went from an under-confident communicator in a job I wasn’t enjoying, to a new role at a new company where I have leadership responsibilities and the ability to make real impact.

I think the moment I realized how much I had learned was when I presented to a roomful of new colleagues in my first couple of weeks and felt confident, in control of my message and not nervous at all. Thanks Christina!”

– Kim, UX Designer